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Which Material?

We stock fasteners in a variety of materials, including the following:

A2 Grade Stainless Steel - This is resistant to rust but is not strong nor resistant to salt water.

A4 Grade Stainless Steel - This is resistant to rust in marine conditions and is stronger than A2. It is equal strength to 8.8 Grade Steel.

Mild Steel - This is not a strong material and is mainly used for nuts and washers. We stock this in zinc plated.

High Tensile 8.8 Grade Steel - This is steel that is classified as High Tensile (8.8 Grade is the lowest grade of high tensile available) We stock some items zinc plated and others in self colour (no plating).

High Tensile 10.9 Grade Steel - This is a stronger grade of High Tensile Steel.

High Tensile 12.9 Grade Steel - This is the strongest grade of High Tensile Steel we stock.